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Samurai's day

Samurai's day


„Only few people know about their real force. Most of them can see only part of their abilities that are towering above the surface like a tip of the iceberg and they forget that a much bigger part is stashed under the level.“ Samurais’ tenets

Geishas and samurais, sakuras and swords…
The mysterious Country of the Rising Sun, country full of contrasts, incarnation of preciseness, perfection, impeccability, welfare. JAPAN.

Perhaps everybody longs to see this country. Everybody, who wants to delight or to get inspired. You have this possibility now! Samurai Day is an opportunity to peep into the history and present of Japan, into its philosophy. It is an opportunity to think about the question, why the Japanese are so successful. Which of us would not like to be successful?! Martial arts form the integral part of the education system in Japan. We could perhaps find this world quite raw, in some sort. Nevertheless, the fighting tactics remain deep-rooted in Japanese people, even though they have recently changed the swords for notebooks.

Well, let’ s change the notebook for the sword then and let’ s learn. Within the scope of the Samurai Day you will be taught the fundamental principles of use of the Japanese sword. Considering we want to survive, we are going to use wooden swords – bokkens (these are known from the film Last Samurai) or bamboo swords – shinais, which are used in Japanese fencing – kendo. However you will certainly have the possibility to see the famous Japanese katana (the sharp samurai sword) embattled.

Samurais are the symbols of the warrior honour. For example, Samurai never attacks from behind. He always respects his adversary and “gives him a break”. At the same time he shows clearly that he is entering the fight with the aim of victory. Do not forget – the Japanese sword is gripped with both hands, unlike the European sword. The Jap puts hundred percent of his physical and psychical energy into everything he is up to. And life – it is a fight!

There are also situations where the Samurai does not intervene and that are solved by Ninja – bounty hunter and robber. We will look at Ninjas a little as well; we will borrow one of their redoubtable weapons.

A man does not live with just a fight. Are you enticed by Japanese cuisine? Perhaps you could understand a thing or two from its mystic under the leadership of our well-experienced chefs. Do you like kimonos? Maybe you will be interested how to wear a real Japanese kimono. The symbol of Japanese prosperity is “orizuru” (crane – the bird); you can learn how to make it from paper while using the traditional Japanese art origami.

On our trip to Japan we will be accompanied with beautiful girls dressed up in traditional Japanese dress. We will even not miss a Japanese calligrapher that can write anything for you in Japanese calligraphic writing.

Japan, it is a mosaic of different colours, tastes and sensations. It is only up to you how you set your Japanese mosaic together and what you want to focus on during the Samurai Day.

For more details and to get more information about this event, don´t hesitate to contact us.

Samurai's day Samurai's day Samurai's day Samurai's day

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