About us

Embark with us on the adventure that exploring Prague and the Czech Republic offers you.
Our enthusiastic guides
will give you a unique view of our country,
will awaken your curiosity and the desire to know and see as much as possible,
will allow you to relax in full sips,

They will help you understand our local customs and humor,
They will offer you a culinary experience while tasting Czech cuisine and our excellent beer,
Engage your imagination while interpreting historical facts in a light-hearted, fun way,

They will let you sway on boats on the Vltava river,
They will get you moving in adrenaline sports,
They will give you a feeling of uniqueness for the moment.

Traveling is fun, you won't get bored with us…

Fun in Prague Team
Founded 2004

You, our clients, are the driving force for our entire team, your travel desires are our motivation.
Thank you for allowing us to be part of your experience.
Hana Stündlová